N.E.W. (by Ilija Tegeltija)

The third Session of the Treasury  Committee of the United Government of Tuona

Luun_ja_veren maa, the first Era, time entry 4008

Opening of the treasury lockbox, number 38124785037;

Subject: Preserved goods from the point of origin  -  the final reading of the data

’’Bring in the lockbox!’’, was a brief order given by Borgh, the Chairman of the Treasury Committee, in the amphitheater filled with curious media representatives, high-level science-carers, and a few female students who have just shed the scales from their bodies, thus embracing the Innate Right of the Maturity of the Womb.

In the room situated in the central part of the complex of the United Government of Tuona YLI-T, Chairman Borgh addressed the attendees, thus beginning the official part of the ceremony:

’’Respected Tuonian life companions,

For a long time I’ve been sincerely hoping that this final reading of the remaining data would give us answers regarding the missing link of the Tuonian order.

As a reminder:
The principles on which our constitution is based have been established according to the ancestors’ instructions, located in the first two data lockboxes. They were read aloud 4000 entries ago  -  during the period when the second generation of the native Tuonians reached the era of the maturity of the being. 4000 entries was also the deadline given for the opening of this third lockbox, which is the last one. The deadline instructed by our ancestors  -  The First of the Subsequent Ones .

He moved from the rostrum and took a few steps closer to the transparent window pane in the hall, and then he continued with the introductory speech:

’’We have managed to raise a peaceful and orderly civilization. We have refined the useful and discarded the useless achievements which had served our ancestors and the ancestors of The First of the Subsequent Ones in their worlds. And we’ve done well by doing so.

He took a sip of water from the small aluminum container he brought closer to the window frame.

’’For, as told by the Travel Log of the SOS Earth-1 craft, which follows as an appendix to the historical archives of the first data lockbox, it was the very state-of-the-art achievements of humankind that caused the destruction of planet Earth  -  our primeval homeland from the Milky Way. Since humans on that level of consciousness were not  able to recognize the Problem of the Mind Resources Collapse, Earthlings had lost the balance in the time-knowledge-products triangle to such an extent that it eventually had come not only to the collapse of the civilization as the weakest point, but also the habitat itself. In the end, the only thing that remained from the progress of the civilization was the SOS Earth-1 craft, with the crew consisting of the 10.000 chosen people from planet Earth  -  the very same people known to us as The First of the Subsequent Ones.

Floating through Space in search of a new mother, they had been carrying with them, among other things, the three data lockboxes containing the heritage of their time. And after 33 generations which didn’t get to know any other life except for the life in the dankness of the flying fortress  -  they found their new habitat. They finally settled on our Tuona. They breathed life into it, utterly carefully and conscientiously this time, for as I’ve read in one of the records from the Travel log, they wrote this: ’’We are grieved by the graves on which there are no flowers’’  -  whatever that meant. For I still haven’t fathomed what it was all about...

We, Tuonians, prompted by the historical teachings, have established the ultimate harmony of relations. We have embraced facts as the only measurable units, and we have raised ratio to the throne of our realizations. We have become perfectly aware of the measurability of everything, and thus we have, from the joint action of the said aspects, drawn a lesson about the harmfulness of using the anthropic principle as a constant. Although that principle tells us about the fact that we’re seeing the Universe as it really is  -  for if it was different we wouldn’t be here to observe it  -  we have realized that within that model we have to work responsibly on preserving the atmosphere required for the change and progress we’re striving for. Thus we have rejected inequality and ignorance. We have chosen the path of science. The path which rewards us with solutions. The path of contribution to the development of society...

But, despite all that  -  we have remained devoid of one specific experience I find very important.

By considering everything, again and again, repeating the same process for days, coming back to the same task every year  -  I’d always reach the same logical dead end, followed by the feeling of a rift between the conscious and the mental part of the being.

Neither I nor any of us have, until now, succeeded in finding the answer to something that’s troubling us all, as Tuonians:

The feeling of emptiness...’’

Eyes fixed on the window from which one had a crystal clear view of the two Suns shining on Tuona by bathing it with crimson tones, Borgh continued:

’’Due to the very fact that none of us has ever succeeded in solving the mystery of the missing link which unites all aspects of the being, the missing piece which has been weaved into us for eons as a mere defect, the lack of which is felt deeper and deeper by each new generation  -  it’s for this very reason that today’s opening of the last data lockbox containing the herritage of The First of the Subsequent Ones is arousing such a strong feeling among us that the missing answer will finally be revealed. The answer to the question about the essence of the being as a whole.

Finishing the introductory speech, Borgh moved back to his rostrum. According to the protocol, it was a sign that the lockbox should be brought in. The guards of the United Government of Tuona YLI-T came in and bowed to the Chairman. They moved away after they’ve lowered the lockbox onto the white pad which was levitating above the point from which the data were supposed to be projected onto the hologram platform, placed in front of the western wall of the amphitheater.

The hall became filled with silence. Without uttering a single word, Borgh connected the lockbox with the projector, and ran the software programmed to read the data written by the technology of those olden times. The hologram platform took a two-dimensional form and then it showed a screen, similar in color to the Tuonian mists  -  pale and bluish.

A moment later, the answer was keeping silent together with the Tuonians in the speechless amphitheater. The one and only word contained in the last of the three lockboxes  -  the herrigate of the ancestors, was flickering on the screen, shy and pale:

’’L O V E’’

author: Ilija Tegeltija

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